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yes I dropped cable and went to antenna.. I ahve 30 stations coming in loud and clear but the replay will not record them.Do I need a converter?... I thought the new tvs had converters in them...What do I need to do a simple hookup from the replay to tv.. I have the antenna in to the replay at the antenna/catv connection andthe red,wht/yellow cables coming out of the replay (output) and up to the new lcd tv .. pretty simple , but not workingHelpthanks
everything worked fine until I switched to a new lcd flatscreen ..... is there something internal to the tv set up or do I still need a converter box. I thought that was just for the old tv tech. thanks
The reason I ask is that I am not new to the replay scene as I have had them for 6-7 years . I have been using an older tv with no problem. I just bought a new panasonic LCD Digital TV and hooked it up according to the manual and I get nothing. "Just please wait" I am using a ten year old antenna and get about 50 channels local to me and thats what I want. I just dropped comcast cable. anyway if someone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate. My units...
dialed in using some random area codes and got a good one on my 3rd try. All loaded up with the guide and momma is happy. PS I left my area code the same. after the intial connection I waited for the download, clockset etc . and then did the net connect using the 243 number and then it downloaded the guide and updates. took about 45 minutes. shazzam..
if your are monitoring.. 3 replays 2xxx in my house and 4 more in the fam.. going to start a call campaign soon.
Got my two replays 2000s working aftr a 8 week absence. Finally they just dialed in and connected. My problem is with the Comcast DTA.. according to the web a dta is "Basically what a DTA does is convert your analog signals to a digital signal on your analog TV without you having to get full digital service. It gives you the ability to get the basic level of service with a digital signal. " I need the dta to get all my channels( on 2nd tv) but I do not get a signal...
What is Laho and where do I sign up?
3 showstoppers tired sportsmans instruction and now I don't even have a video connection after restore to the old defaults. 1 brick 2 bricks I can watch live tv
I'm still down... anyone heard anything?
are you using local numbers that you used to use or numbers out of area ?
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