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Hmmm, I thought Pioneer's MCACC did most of this utilizing the Full Band Phase Control measurements and function... http://www.pioneer.eu/files/eur/MCACC_PQLS_phasecontrol/top.swf http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/StaticFiles/Manuals/Home/SC-27_MCACC_OperatingInstructions0615.pdf
Haha, thanks.Yeah, I'm a big fan of the AM units. They seem to work really well, and very quickly. No complaints. I think you can do slightly better with a BFD...but that takes hours.http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/electronic-processing-equalization-devices/11699-testing-dspeaker-anti-mode-8033-a.htmlThat's an older review on the original AM. They have more filters now and are updated, so they can probably even do a better job now (just guessing).
Thought you guys might like to see this. ~320 lbs of Rythmik goodness. Dual F25 w/upgraded drivers to DS1510. $5 at Home Depot. Highly recommended. Two people can unload these without a problem. Came with nice furniture moving pads for sliding around on carpet. Unboxing directions. It was surprisingly easy to handle them (one person). Included Amp guide, enclosure feet, and power cord. Getting set up. Situated nicely. Don't ask questions, just buy one. ...
I've had good luck speaking with Enrico at this address: tech@rythmikaudio.com . He was responsive and answered all my questions.
I also have a 34XS955 for sale within driving distance of zip 68102. It's in great condition, barely used. I don't use it because I have a front projector. If anyone is interested I'll sell it cheap, say $100. I love it, and it's a perfect starter HD set, but don't need it any longer. Shoot me a PM.
I have an SC-05 as well. If I'm recalling correctly (always in doubt ), what your AVR is telling you is that it is taking the DD/DTS (which are both sent to the AVR as PCM, just like before when you were 5.1 only), and using post processing to redirect/add sound from the extra two rear channels. So: 5.1 = DD/DTS PCM => Shows "Dolby True HD" on front since it has room, for example 7.1 = DD/TDS PCM + Dolby Prologic IIx in Movie mode to get 7.1 = shows shorthand version...
Hey guys, I just received a new bulb for my W20000 (same PJ, pretty much) and it's working fine. I noticed some folks had a hard time finding bulbs marked 200/170w earlier in the thread, so I thought I'd post the place. I actually ordered from the benq-w20000 page, but the P/N is the same: 5J.05Q01.001.http://www.projectorlampgenie.com/us/benq-w5000/Prices are reasonable for a full housing. The sticker on the bulb I received said:302/85 200/170W 1.0316LC39A ...
While it's always possible that there is something wrong with the speaker, auto-eq software tends to be finicky and if by mistake tries to boost a null room mode, can quickly overextend any speaker's capabilities. I would fully disable any EQ and run the speakers at the same volume level as before with the same program material. If it happens again, swap your left and right speakers and see if the problem follows. If you still have a problem or any concerns, I'd call or...
My guess is your AVR added a bunch of gain while EQ-ing during room correction. Try turning whatever EQ ARC has off and see if it still happens.
Nice idea. Omaha, Nebraska - (2) Rythmik D15SE - JonnyOzero3
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