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I'm guessing on the shipping numbers, but it looks like I could probably do a JTR Cap 1000 for about $1700, and a Cap for about $2000 with an amp. Do you feel a solo Cap 1000 would outshine duals of any of the speakers we're taking about in this thread, even if another isn't on the horizon any time soon? I've gone gone through every thread/link on the shootout sticky at the top of this subforum. As I said, I've been reading a lot over the last three months. Both the...
How about just coming out and saying what's on your mind? You don't like the Chase and/or Epik subs? Something else? Make your point or move on.
Very nice setup you have, by the way. Is it safe to say you're very happy with your 18.1s? Do you have any FR charts of their performance in your room? Despite what I've said before, the Chase option is pretty intriguing to me. I feel I'll get the best in room performance from two of something. Unless someone can convince me that singles will work, or show me something I haven't yet considered, options in my price range are either Empires or 18.1s.
Any suggestions, or am I just not going to find that for under $1000 per subwoofer? If not, is your opinion that it's better to get two of something like the Empire, or stick with 1 higher end sub? Remember, I probably won't buy another sub any time soon.
The F15HP is near the top of my list. Within budget, I could only get 1, and I'm not convinced 1 will out perform two Empires. With a little work, I think I could get two Empires flat to ~20 Hz. I don't think I could do that with any single sub.
Like I said, it wasn't exactly logical.
Not true at all. I can be pretty obsessive, especially once I start taking measurements. My upgraditus has been mostly in the realm of video, and has been greatly hampered by my desire to be fiscally responsible. I've been itching to upgrade my audio components for some time, but measuring and understanding the video shortcomings was easier for me, so it came first. Now I'm fairly satisfied with my video chain (for the time being), and it's time to focus on audio. I...
I find sealed subs more appealing, but I'm not closed off to the idea of a ported sub. What I'm curious about is why people often recommend the FV15HP, but I don't see the F15HP listed as often in these threads. I also see the VTF-15H recommended quite a bit more than the ULS-15. Is it just because of sheer output?
Sorry for the monster reply. I'm going to try to respond to a lot of the excellent suggestions in on big post.My (perhaps unfair) impression of the Chase subs is that they are brutes designed for people with large rooms or the need for max SPL. This may be irrational, but I feel two 18's would overpower my room.As Travis points out, a new PC13 ultra is in the price range. Any reason to go PB over PC? Isn't the performance the same? I don't really care that it looks...
With the sloping ceiling and number of weird angles in my room, I would think 2 subs would help a great deal with evening out the frequency response. Like you said, I'm pretty sure 1 of any of the quality subs mentioned in this thread will provide the SPL I need to ~20 Hz. It's the smoother response that 2 subs will give me that had me considering the Dual Empires.
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