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Really? Is there any other way to unlock them? I have a serial connection that I've used to control the duo, but I don't have CalMan.
This is an issue a few of us have noticed with the i1d3 and plasma screens in the newest iteration of HCFR.
Haha...sometimes I'm a bit dense...
I believe that was requested at the beginning of this thread. If not, I'm with you - that would be a great feature to add. Can you point me to Dan's spreadsheet? I'm not familiar with it.
To help with setting your gamma correctly (and primaries and secondaries when/if you're ready to go that route), I recommend using the spreadsheet developed by AVS member stereomandan and explained in the following post:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1111066 Hopefully you have the controls to boost luminence (Y) properly. Good luck!
I would recommend putting it away most of the time. Fortunately, the i1d3 has sealed optics, so it isn't nearly as much of an issue as with the i1d2, where you really wanted to keep it in a ziploc bag.
I am calibrating a Panasonic 65ST30 plasma. I could post some files (and I did early on in this thread, I believe, of my first calibration pass). I'm having two problems right now which make me feel like my results are unreliable: 1. The readings on plasma right now are unstable. My measurements jump around quite a bit after I get to 50 IRE. I also have some instability at 70 IRE. 2. My plasma is new, and I'm still trying to get a handle on the best way to calibrate...
More than a new VP, I wish they would release more test patterns via a firmware update. I need smaller windowed patterns (between 7%-11%) for my plasma. Shoot...I'd even pay for the update.
I checked this out last night, and here's what I found...I can start a new file as long as I close out my old calibration file. I'm able to open two different files that I have previously saved, but I am not able to create a new file.
Blue and green on your PJ aren't too bad, but your lack of red is pretty significant. Interestingly enough, it's fairly linier. It needs to be boosted 15%-20% across the board. You need to bring blue down about 15% at 80 and 90 IRE. You also have some gamma issues, but much of that might come in line if you sort out what's going on with red. I have no idea what sort of grayscale controls you have, so I don't know if you'll be able to tame this completely, but you...
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