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Now I can finally put my HDDVD player to rest .......... Just got the Bluray today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So how do I set it on my Oppo 93 while I do not have a 3D projector nor a 1.4 Hdmi cable. Thanks.
Are u sure about the part to 4:2:2 ? Since I remember reading it somewhere that the Darblet is 4:4:4 inside, so it is better to set the source plyer to 4:4:4 for better picture n smoother handshake. Pls let me know if I am wrong since I set my Oppo 93 at 4:4:4 at all time without any problem.
What about the Sony HW series projectors ??? Which feature should we turn off when using Darbee ?
Hi jnabq, Yes it is 10meters cable between the Darbee n projector n then only 0.5meter between the Pioneer Avr n Darbee. However this setup worked ok for the first 2 weeks n then it stop now,that is the part I dont understand. I cannot rearrange the Hdmi cables since my projector is up in the ceiling with only 1 IEC power cord going directly to the projector. Thanks for yr input but any other suggestion !
Can somebody give me help here !Is it possible the problem lies with the 10M Bjc Series 1 cable between the Darbee n my projector ???
After using the Darbee for 2 weeks without problem,the unit did not turn itself on when my whole system is ON. Only the red light is on ,no green nor blue light comes on,plus no picture. However when I unplug n plug the power supply, the unit will work for that one time only. Wonder if somebody have the same problem before n can help here. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the contest. Looking forward to the good news. Add me !!!
Anybody here using Darbee with Sony Hw15 projector ? If yes,do one mind to share their setting on it. Thanks in advance.
Redcliff 1 or 2 offer both top notch video n audio quality. Make sure u test out the Taiwan version which is the reference standard.
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