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Does anyone know if you can add a slave drive? USB, firewire? SATA?
I just had the new Insight multi-room dvr installed (Louisville, KY). When watching a recorded program on TV 1, I can't resume from same spot on TV 2. Anyone else had this? (Also - starting this thread to get us going on Insight multi-room dvr topics)
What did you find out from Samsung? I have updated to 1.9 and my x-files won't play either. Thanks.
Quote: Originally posted by jimre Is this just INHD & ESPN? If so, sounds like the same old problem - audio/video glitches every 30 sec or so over firewire. The prevalent theory was these channels used slightly higher bandwidth than local HD, HBO, SHO, etc but it was just enough to confuse the Motorola's firewire buffering or something. You can see these glitches while just monitoring over firewire, too - so it's not just a tape or recording issue. Recording...
Thanks WANMAN. I don't have the HD Pack or Sat C LNB. I am getting the HBO on the dual LNB setup. So right now I only get HBO in HD. (Don't get me started on how they concocted this "HD pak" and took away the HD net and the HD special events channet 198).
thanks Mike. Just read your post. Why does D* sacrifice the pq for HBO-HD? Is it just a limitation in bandwidth? I would think that with such a limited number of HD channels, they could deliver at least 19Mbps. Regarding DVR. I might live with the 80 Gig that Insight has and archive to my d-vhs. Insight has firewire on the STB/DVR. Haven't tested yet.
I have been with D* since 1996! Just disappointed that cable is blowing past them for HD. I may try getting Insight first to compare. I wish the providers would publish there technical info (bit rates, etc.).
I have directv with HBO in HD. My father recently upgraded to Insight digital cable, and I swear his HBO-HD looks much better than mine. At first, I thought my Toshiba 65HX81 was broken. But, the broadcast HD (NYPD Blue, for example) is still excellent. Does anyone know what the h*** these poeple at directv are doing to the signal? I am 2 seconds away from dropping directv and going with Insight. They have the Motorola 6208 digital box with DVR!(Louisville, KY)
New Posts  All Forums: