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http://www.widescreenreview.com/news_detail.php?id=20074 They claim they can use lasers to produce 4K projectors with up to 72,000 lumens. It is optimized for 3-D, but I am sure it does 2-D very well. Will this technology trickle down eventually to a home projector that puts out an honest and long lasting 8,000 lumens?
I recently saw 4k TV for the first time and was impressed. A 70" Vizio P series 4k TV would be nice. There is an interesting interview with the Vizio CEO on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecCxYWvccF8 The 50" P series will only cost $999, so a 70" should be reasonable. The new 120" Vizio would be incredible. The 80" and 90" Sharp 1080 TVs look great as well, and the newest versions are better than the original Sharps that size. I first saw the Sharp 80"...
Thanks for the info. Good to know that tuner technology is not sleeping.
I saw a post from a few years ago that mentioned that Vizio tuners do not even have signal strength meters. I do not know if that will be true for the new 4k models.You seem well informed. Do you think LG tuners sold in 2014 are better than LG tuners sold in 2008?
I wonder if companies are even doing any new research to improve over the air tuners. Maybe they think everyone has cable or space service.
Do Vizio televisions have decent over the air (terrestrial) receivers built into them? Vizio is coming out with affordable 4k TVs and I am tempted. I recently saw some Sony and Samsung 4k TVs for the first time and they did look very good. I have a old 52" LG LCD TV, which has a good receiver, and I want a new TV to get as good or better reception. There is no point in me getting a 4K TV unless I can receive signals as good as my 5 year old LG LCD TV.
Here are two YouTube videos that really show off the Vizio120” LCD-LED ULTRA-HDTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQgflpFqoOc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23mLIy-OQ6E The sound bar is detachable. It is wall mountable. I want one, minus the sound bar. What will the price be? If they could sell them for 20k, they would sell lots of them. At 40k to 150k they will sell a few.
The stand for the 103" Panasonic plasma TV is optional. I wonder if the combined stand/sound bar for the 120" Vizion will be optional as well. If you spend that much for a TV, you want better speakers. If it sells for $50,000 or less (without the stand) I think they could sell allot of them. Vizio has a history of using a low price, high volume business plan.
Yea, that is cheaper, but I want true audiophile sound quality. The two channel sound system I will use will be all top notch audiophile equipment, so the lowest cost is not the issue for me. I hate surround sound systems. I want terrific sound out of two channels with no weak links in the sound system. You can get great imagining and a huge sound stage if you do two channels right.
All our ears and brains are different. Our ears and brains are the ultimate test equipment in this experiment, so if everyone has different test equipment you can expect different conclusions. Mr. Bose had his ideas about sound, but many here rightly disagreed with his design philosophy. Some people love metal dome tweeters, but I could not live with them. I like soft domes. Satisfaction depends on matching the right speakers to the right customer.
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