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Talk him out of mounting the tv on the fireplace. That's a really nice looking fireplace so why spoil it with a tv? Will the tv just cover the inside where the stones are angled or will it cover the entire width out to where the stones are horizontal? If so, could you install some sort of bracket on the horizontal stones and then bolt the tv to that? Where is he going to run the cables/power cord?
I have a Yamaha receiver that I run at 8 ohms and it is always cool to the touch, but it's in a well ventilated media console and I rarely run the volume past -20 to -25dB. 4 ohms is always a challenge for the smaller receivers.
I agree with what you are saying. I just wanted to point out what Samsung is doing, which some feel will keep their tv's at close to current technology for the next few years. It just doesn't make much sense to me to spend $2000 on a new tv and then have to spend another $400 to "upgrade" it which may only have a limited useful time frame of maybe a year at best.
Isn't the Sony advertised as having an HDMI 2.0 input? However Vizio spins their HDMI 2.0 what remains to be seen is what their HDMI 2.0 input supports. Personally I steer clear of Vizio based on past experiences. Again, just advertising a tv with HDMI 2.0 means nothing unless they list what aspects of HDMI 2.0 they currently support. Unless the models released later on this year have the new chip sets, my guess is that they will be what one poster called "HDMI 2.0 Lite"....
I would replace the SC-PT660 with a newer, entry level HTiB. Additional cost for sure but you can get a nice system with at least 4 HDMI inputs, a powered sub-woofer (no bulit-in blu-ray player) and other bells and whistles. I'm surprised the tv doesn't have an optical output.
Sounds like a picture reset (not a factory default reset) would require a service call then if that option is not available to the user.
As an occasional lurker here I would venture a guess to say that not all panels are made the same. There's a reason why Samsung has different version numbers of their panels, TS01, TS02, US01, etc etc. The reasons, and differences, are probably known only to Samsung. There may even be differences within the same version group, but that's probably due more to tolerance (QC) than anything else. I guess all one can do is find a version number that they are happy with and...
^^^ agree about HDMI 2.0. Personally, I wouldn't trust any tv mfr this year concerning HDMI 2.0.
Are you using Anynet+, which is Samsung's version of CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)? The idea is that you can have one remote that controls all devices connected via HDMI. CEC has lots of issues and basically doesn't play nice with a lot of devices.
^^^ a factory reset does just that, resets all settings back to factory. As I have stated, using the AVS HD 709 disk will, at best, adjust your settings for you depending on how far they are off from the 709 standards. Any changes you make will be removed with a factory reset in most cases.
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