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True. My only point was that the arrangement of the votes is not edited later.
I remember someone asking Jeff on Twitter if they arrange the votes in a particular order when tallying them. His answer: "Of course!". He was very open about the fact they do it for maximum dramatic effect when the votes are read. I've never heard or read anything about them editing the reading of the votes. Besides, that wouldn't make much sense. It's more efficient to simply arrange them after they're tallied right there on the spot than randomly read them to the...
I disagree completely, at worst his interviews are as entertaining as anyone else. He actually talks to his guests, even if irreverently. The thing that always grated on me with Leno and O'Brian, for example, is they would ask a question, then look down at their cards to get ready for the next question. Craig tears up those cards when the interview starts and actually listens during his discussions.He's great with the women, and the sexier they are, the funnier he...
Ferguson's my favorite as well. Even if they offered him Letterman's slot, I don't think he'd take it. I've seen him in different interviews where he expressed zero desire to fill any of those earlier spots and get caught up in all the late night show nonsense. Being where he is and having a little less attention gives him more creative freedom and less pressure from the suits. He gets to be himself and mock the traditional genre (or as says, "deconstruct" it). As he...
Yeah, I get Morgan's well-endowed appeal, but I find myself more drawn to Alexis myself.
I agree, but to a lesser extent. Samantha at least appeared engaged during the show and less wooden. Brooke comes across as too self-aware and into herself. That’s why going from Samantha to Brooke was a step down to me.I think Erin will be an improvement from Brooke, though I could see how her voice might wear thin after a while (my wife thinks it’s a bit nasally—can’t please everyone I guess).I can see the challenge in finding the right girl. Who fits the definition...
Good move getting rid of Brooke. Pretty women are a dime a dozen and she had the personality of a wallflower--not to mention she asked the most ridiculous questions during her interviews.
The flashback scenes earlier in the episode with Laurel really reveal how bone thin Laurel (the actress) has gotten. The clothes she was wearing were form-fitted and with with wider shots--holy cow, this girl must be on the verge, if not there already, of anorexia. I don't say that in a mean-spirited way. I really hope this actress isn't having health issues.
Well, as a news personality sitting down with the POTUS, what's he supposed to ask? What's your favorite color?In any event, I'd prefer the SB be politics free regardless, for some of the same reasons you cite. But you sound like someone with a political ax to grind and itching for fight. Not interested.Have fun!
Highjacking? It's an annual tradition for the president to give a pre-game interview to the network airing the Superbowl. I'd prefer there be no interview at all regardless of who's president.
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