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You don't have to do the break in. I find it hilarious that so many people think this is a must do when they get their plasma. I just approached a little over 200 hours on my 600M. I used no break-in DVD or slides. I just made sure I watched everything stretched and made sure there was no static images on screen for any long periods of time. I also played xbox 360 games that had no HUD etc. Just be careful at first, thats all. My set looks perfect with no hint of IR...
I asked this about a week ago but got no responses. Can you turn off unused inputs like the 1019? I didn't see anything in the manual about this. I hate scrolling through 15 different inputs if I only got a DVR and a BD player that I use. Thx
hands down pick the elite vsx03 Pio has just started to use cheaper amps on the 09's. Last years Elites are great.
Is there any way to turn off unused inputs like the 1019 does? thx
Have any recommendations with a budget of $500?
I actually just hooked up my Elite VSX-03 today. I had been using the 1019 the last few weeks. The static and clipping is gone. I guess the 1019 was the weakest link. I am still thinking about adding a sub dedicated to the mid bass and eventually upgrading my mains down the line. But not for a while, I just dropped $3200 on my new 60" KURO. Thx guys!
I just hooked up the Elite VSX-03 and the crackling sound is gone. My speakers sound great now. Some believe the 10 pound weight decrease on the 09 Pioneer AVR's has hurt the sound quality. I am now one of them...
Me and another asked a similar question a while back. We got the usual responses, check crossover, set speakers to small, run MCACC etc. I do not think they are overpowered as I was able to hear this crackling during low volumes as well. I upgraded to the C series all around hoping the crackling would be eliminated. However, it is still present. I have ordered the Elite VSX-03 to replace my 1019. It should arrive shortly, I will post my findings.
Anyone got a MBM-12 M for sale?
Because the C-500 were slightly damaged (Both) during shipping. Was too lazy to ship those monsters back so I negotiated a hefty credit for compensation. I wouldn't want to sell someone something that wasn't 100% perfect.
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