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I was also looking for some other user settings. I even make a new thread but on one responded. I guess everyones settings are top secret!
What does factory refreshed mean? Does the Energy put in new drivers and tweeters?
They are only that cheap after I return the C-200 and apply credit. Also will my Pioneer 1019 be able to drive the C-500 efficiently? And I am wondering if I should even bother because I do have the C-200 paired with a S10.3, how much will I really be gaining?thx
Wow, I can't believe Im thinking about upgrading again. I have the C-200 Mains and a C-C100 with C50 rears. I Just upgraded from the Takes last week. For $250 would it be worth it to upgrade to C-500's? Will I notice a significant upgrade in sound coming from the C-200's? Thx
There are a few other differences. Download and read the manual. I know with the 919 you are not able to play the iPod or some other sources to zone 2. Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.
Just curious as to what settings everyone is using. I am sure many of you have purchased the S&M, DVE or Avia calibration discs. I have my S&M coming in the mail this week and will post my settings once I go through the disc. This thread is mainly for those who do not plan on a professional calibration but like to tinker. Also, I know there is an "official" KRP-500M / KRP-600M thread but with the recently discovered differences in panel tech maybe they should be...
Check ebay, I saw a few Rosenut RC Mini's and even a Rosenut Mini Center yesterday.
I had some extra speaker wire laying around and got around to bi-amp my C-200 fronts. I can hear the highs come through a lot cleaner now. I understand this is a very controversial subject but I can honestly hear the difference. Also one quick question, what crossover freq. should I have them set on? My options are 50Hz or 80Hz. And my receiver wants to set them to large, should I use this setting? Pioneer 1019 Thx
I have a similar setup. I started with the Takes and S10.3. My room is 11x14. The takes could simply not fill the room. I had to upgrade right away. I ended up getting the C-200, C-C100 & C-50. I Just set them up yesterday and they sound amazing. When the RC10's (Black Ash) come down in price I will be replacing my C-200. I like the S10.3 a lot and do not plan on upgrading anytime soon. I would recommend the Pioneer 1019 as it is the only receiver in it's class...
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