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I'm waiting for the SC5509 which should be out in a couple of months. Hopefully, without hardware problems...
I read that the SC5508 has an internal cable connector problem. I'm hoping it's fixed in the SC5509.
Interesting - my experience is the opposite. I find the sound of the DAC1 HDR to be clearer, more forward, transparent and revealing. The difference isn't subtle to my ears. No complaints about the BDP-95 - it's amazing value for the money and I'm very happy with it as an excellent Blu-ray player with a very good internal DAC.
By the way, the difference in sound quality between the DAC1 HDR and the BDP-95 is more significant than the difference between the SA-7S1 and the DAC1 HDR. I have to listen to some fairly minute difference to distinguish between the Marantz and the Benchmark, but the difference between the Benchmark and the Oppo is not minute. Still, The Oppo has a very good and enjoyable sound.
Coax digital out from the BDP-95 into DAC1 HDR, then DAC1 HDR XLR outs to Jeff Rowland Concerto integrated amp, then Dali Helicon 400mk2 floor-stand speakers. This sounds better than going BDP-95 XLR outs to the Jeff Rowland. I tried it with a number of reference CDs as well as Dolby Digital material (converted to two-channels).
I compared the quality of the audio output from the balanced (XLR) stereo outputs on the BDP-95 to that of the Benchmark DAC1 HDR. First, I have to say that the BDP-95 balanced output audio quality is very good, and I would definitely consider it to be in audiophile league. However, the DAC1 HDR sounds better. The sound of the DAC1 is somewhat clearer and more forward. I tried to compensate for volume levels in the comparison, but that's never really easy unless you...
Sounds good - thanks! Now what I'm wondering about is whether the TV can receive an original 1080p60 3D signal on HDMI, or only 1080p24 3D (and then display it at a higher refresh rate).
Is it really capable of 1080p60 in 3D (120Hz)? Where does it say that? I thought the VT25 is only capable of 1080p24 in 3D (48Hz).
That's weird - I'm not seeing this with my 350. The V.OFF setting stays persistent when turning the player on and off.
I have the BDT350, and I'm not experiencing this problem. I'm using firmware version 1.40.
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