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iPhones - designed in California. :-)
There are already "fines" if you use more energy than your baseline. Read the article.
It has everything to do about availability. M King Hubert figured this out a long time ago.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._King_HubbertAbout being a futile effort to lower energy consumption. Perhaps. See Jevon's Paradox.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jevons_paradox
Samsung makes 3 37 inch LCDs. Samsung is known for their very dark blacks and good contrast ratios. http://www.televisioninfo.com/d/reviews/samsung.htm
About the price. Check out this site. http://camelcamelcamel.com/product/B...=www&locale=US
It is not really burn in that is the issue anymore with plasmas but image retention. Burn in is permanent. Image retention is temporary.I would not trust cheaper plasma in fixing IR.I would get either the 40" W, Z, or XBR Sony.Or the 40" 550 to 750 Samsung. Preferably the 650 or 750. Those might be out of your price range though.
Sorry to derail into "politics". It really isn't. It is science. How can people who say we have plenty of oil explain this chart? Talk about obfuscating political arguments. We have plenty of coil. But not oil. (The real reason for cap and trade.) California has been able to not build 100s of new power plants because unlike the rest of the energy hog country we have kept our per capita energy consumption even.
Hi Bill I found this website a couple days ago. They have tested almost everything on your list.http://www.televisioninfo.com/d/Reviews.htm Here is one example of their reviews.http://www.televisioninfo.com/conten...eview-1376.htm
When you go up from 720 to 1080 in the more expensive brands such as Sony and Samsung, you are also getting better blacks and faster response times which might matter more than resolution at your viewing distance.
There are a million people who bought HDDVD. These are the people who care about HDM else they would not buy it. These people are not going to go buy Bluray now. Especially knowing that it is inferior in special features format. (At least now, maybe not in the future.) That is a million potential costumers.
New Posts  All Forums: