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The app you see at the Amazon store is for tablets. The photos included there match the Android NF app on my tablet. Any new set top box, smart tv and blu ray player would have the new standard UI that Netflix introduced back in November. http://www.engadget.com/2013/11/13/netflix-new-TV-experience/#continued It's hard to imagine that Netflix, after going to the trouble of creating a standardized app for all set top platflorms (except for the Xbox One, which has it's own...
The Playback settings are still present for me-but they aren't working. On one profile, I set it to Medium to avoid using up data on 'not critical' viewing, but all streams are coming in at Super HD anyway. Will have to call in and report it.
^ It's the setup basically. It's interesting enough to make you wonder how all of this will resolve the story. So you stick around. But, the execution isn't all it should be. I wish the 2 lead actors were more charismatic. It never ceases to amaze at how a good, charimatic performer can power a dumb premise, making you want to tune in.
You can go online to The CW, and watch it there, just run the scrub bar to the last 10 mins or so. 
The new season debuted in Canada nearly 4 weeks ago, and debuted on Syfy last week. S3, ep2 aired on Syfy Friday.
^ Yeah, Space 1999 is an older show, made at a time when programs were up to 50 mins long, but it wasn't the only show I observed with ads coming in on forced breaks. Sci Fi's Invisible Man had a forced break, then when it resumed, the natural, intended commercial break happened in less than a min, with the episode continuing through.  
Anyone interested in trying Hulu+, there's a 2 month free trial offer available (for how long this offer lasts, there's no mention). Here... http://offers.bestbuymobile.com/ They've got Space 1999, which looks beautiful. The ads aren't as terrible to me-it's how they're done that's aggrevating. Hard cuts into some shows instead of waiting for the intended break spots. The Hulu app on my Samsung TV will freeze on some of those breaks to commercial, forcing me either to...
UI=User Interface. Plex is an app that allows you to stream media files to the Roku from your pc.
They were icers (that May shot at Fitz), but the destressing part of it is they were head shots as Fitz angrily pointed out, and we don't know that effect a head show with an icer would cause.
Well here's the problem. Ward shot Hand more than once. TV logic can hand wave away alot of things, but from what we were shown, it'd be hard to reconcile her not being dead.
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