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Well here's the problem. Ward shot Hand more than once. TV logic can hand wave away alot of things, but from what we were shown, it'd be hard to reconcile her not being dead.
Hmm, could you detail your pc specs? Processor, RAM, Video card/integrated graphics...I was looking at the Sillicon Dust Home Run tuners, but wondered if it would be better to have an internal tuner rather than a separate box connected to the pc.
The new, standard Netflix UI that was introduced last fall on the PS3, Roku 3, and newer smart tvs & blu ray players, has not been ported to over to the WD TV Live (older or new), or the Roku 2s and under. Netflix said they were working on a version that would work on these older units and that it would be released this year, but that hasn't happened yet. Depending on the age of the device, it may never happen-but that's just a guess. There's been no word on if/when this...
Sounds like gouging the customer, not allowing self installation of the modem. Cable from wall into modem, ethernet from modem to router or pc, insert cd into pc-if there is one, and call in to activate. What's so complicated that they need to send out a tech to do that?
I have Comcast. Their gateway is set to bridge mode, and plugged into the router I had before getting Comcast internet. The router does all the work. What cable company are you going to use? Check their website and search for Equipment. Check and see if your Motorola modem will work. If it's listed, you can use yours instead of renting one.
You can purchase your own cable modem if you don't want to rent one-just check your cable's website to make sure you get one that's compatible with theirs. If your current router supports all your devices now, then you simply connect the cable modem to your router. You may need to instruct the cable co to put the modem in bridge mode when activating service for your router to function this way.
Are you having a problem with the Netflix app that you feel an update will correct? If the version currently on your Vizio hasn't updated automatically, then you're going to have to wait until the Vizio Hub sends it out. If you're experiencing problems streaming NF, you could try deleting the app and see if an updated version will be loaded when you reactivate it.
That screencap is from the website. It's always been a 2 week notice for me. Odd that others have only gotten one week notice, I don't recal hearimng that before.
Checking the queue this afternoon, and was shocked to see this.. A 4 week early expiration notice. The earliest I've ever seen. Hope this is something they'll do from now on. Plenty of warning, and their competitors would have no way to track everything..
New on streaming, 2 brand new Netflix Original Productions...   ''Sizzling Bacon''. A really crisp motion picture. The actors never ham it up. http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/Sizzling_Bacon/70305785?fcld=true   And ''Rotisserie Chicken The Motion Picture''! http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/Rotisserie_Chicken/70305786?trkid=437879
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