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Couple comments, as I was THIS close to buying some E100s a little over a year ago. Note that the crossover frequency to the six 5.25" woofers is 150hz, so from there to 600hz you have just the single 5.25" midrange, then to 2.5khz the 3.5" midrange. The woofers are really only covering one octave above a standard 80hz crossover to a sub, and I would definitely recommend a sub with these, as six 5.25" woofers is equal to ~130 square inches of surface area, less than a...
I jumped on that soundware deal as well, getting 5 of them for a friend for surround sound in a camper. I didn't realize these were going to be sealed, and upon testing, they need to be crossed over high, as they can't handle bass at all. I would not advise crossing over any lower than 120hz with these. Other than that, considering the $20 cost, they are awesome.
Dummies is a fitting name for that website, as that information is overreaching and innacurate. Drver for driver, porting will always result in extended response with significantly less distortion as compared to sealed. Extended response with less distortion = more accurate reproduction, not less.
These Noesis 212HT and 228HTs have piqued my curiosity - anybody in the southern Indiana / northern Kentucky area own a pair who is willing to demo? I'd bring my Boston VR3s to compare against.
Do you not cross over to a sub(s) in your system? And if so, at what frequency is the crossover centered?
In a standard 80hz crossover system, at what point do some of these 3 ways really even benefit from being 3 ways? The new SVS speakers cross over to dual 8" woofers at 160hz - just one octave of range for what probably amounts to a lot of cost. Similar, but not as bad, on these. As for highpass on the mains, it is extremely difficult for a LCR to handle bass as well as one or a few stand alone subs, for a variety of reasons.Not trying to stir anything, just wondering...
200-250hz isn't as low as some of the other 3 ways out there, but still a bit low. A single quality 8" might well be capable of doing some really nice things down to even 50hz, but with really low crossovers, more and more 3 ways are actually like 2 ways in a standard 80hz crossover system. In a really low crossed 3 way, the woofers contribution to the cost isn't even with their contribution to the playback, sometimes only a single octave. This is not any type of...
Does anyone know the crossover frequency between the 8" and 12" drivers? A disturbing trend I've noticed the past several years in an effort to dig really deep is to cross over to woofers really low, leaving a single mid - sometimes as small as 3.5" - to handle a really large FR. It would be great to see these crossed over relatively high - leave the bass to the subs.
Should have been IT.
Added some equipment to the list - adding an Oppo player would be nice.
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