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Should I be able to see the album artwork for my i-tunes library when using "airplay" thru my 4311? I only see an alphabetical listing of artists.
Need help setting up Airplay. I have the latest version of I-tunes on my desktop PC but there is no Airplay icon(apparently used to be in lower right corner but moved to upper left now?). Do I have to do something with the Denon to make the icon appear on the desktop? How do I verify my 4311 has Airplay preloaded(bought new in Aug, 2012)?
Could use help in rerunning xt32 for my 7.2 system...live 45 miles west of chicago(5 miles nw of randall rd/hwy 64)...if you have mastered your 4311 and are interested in sharing your knowledge in such please pm me...jpr
Yes I have...red to red and black to black from speakers to AVR.
Audyssey keeps telling me that one of my front main speakers(Def Tech BP2000's) is out of phase. I realize that Audyssey makes this error on occasion. I also realize that on a rare occasion a speaker is miswired at the factory. Is there a simple test to check that your speakers are in phase? What would be a symptom or indication of a speaker that is out of phase?
My network setup is DHCP...
Still no Airplay...my 4311 is set to Network Standby = On...I have the newest version of I-tunes launched on my desktop PC...my 4311 is pluged into my Wifi bridge and I set it to Net/USB for a source...I powered the 4311 off and unplugged it from my Power Conditioner and then turned it back on...and I still do not get the Airplay Icon on my I-tunes page(it now should appear in the top to the right of the volume bar)...any advice would be appreciated...4311 was mfd in...
Would like to try out Apple's Airplay. My 4311 was mfd in April, 2012. Does it already include Airplay free of charge or do I still have to buy it? If it's alreay contained in the unit, how do I access it?
Have a 3808ci available in a week or so after I change it out with my newer 4311ci. It is in mint condition(9/10). I am the original owner. Will sell it for $450(firm) including shipping and Paypal fees.
Is Apple's Airplay now included in the newest 4311's or do you still have to buy it for $50?
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