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 Yeah, once it's built into an ASIC it shouldn't be significant.
I used to have klipsch all around too. Not the most articulate speakers but nothing can compare if you like things loud.
It really does look indistinguishable from the show, and it's packed so full of fan service from start to finish. I had a dumb grin on my face the entire time I was playing it, and man, it's like an order of magnitude more offensive than the show...they really went all out.
It's a short term victory at best. If they make Netflix unusable, I'll switch ISPs or buy blurays instead. If they push it far enough, I could see google kicking their google fiber plans into high gear. An amazon ISP isn't too far fetched either. Despite the fact that there's some people with a clouded view because they have shoddy service through their only available provider, cable companies aren't the all powerful titans everyone makes them out to be.Things can change...
It's the way things are. When you're discussing real world events, you've got to put it in the context of the way the real world works. I'm not saying it's the way it should be, but the reality of the situation is far more nuanced and complex than the dystopian apocalypse we keep hearing about.
Although there is something to be said for corporations providing avenues for people to start businesses under their umbrella with very little capital - monetizing YouTube streams, selling on eBay/etsy/iTunes, selling ads on your blog etc...
Technically the lobbyists, but yeah, I'd say they make out pretty well. Anyway, the real casualty here isn't Netflix or any other mega corporation, it's the startups that can't afford to buy in.
No, the one where other corporations see a gold mine and want a piece, so they bankroll their own crew of politicians to influence policy the other way.
If it's lucrative enough, one will emerge.
And then they'll ensure than anyone that cares about Netflix will leave them for a competitor.
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