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Press start.
The impact of AF is so minuscule nowadays it's essentially negligible. I'm talking like 0.5fps. Doesn't use any extra memory either, and it's primary need is memory bandwidth, which the PS4 isn't exactly lacking.It has to be a bug or some weird API anomaly. It's probably associated with the texture streaming big, since AF requires the full set of mipmaps.
Maybe some older remotes don't but even the cheap 650 I bought a few years ago supports macros, although you need to program them on the site. As far as I can tell it just emulates a controller. So when you want to turn off it just pulls up the PS button screen and hits down a few times. Doesn't matter to me how they do it as long as it works.
The logitech touch I use connects to the ps3 using bluetooth, which is definitely RF. Hopefully the software hooks to do that with the ps4 isn't far behind. And since when do logitechs not support macros?
Isn't that what the brawler guy in town is for?
Why not just keep the ps3?
I guess if all that matters to you is getting the killing blow it might not be for you. But nothing else can completely drop a titans shields in one shot all the way across the map. I'd end games with like a dozen assists, but I know my team was winning because of it.
I'd have to build a new wife.
You just ain't using it right. That thing is nasty in the right hands, especially in LTS.
Yeah, I do hope they roll it back to where it was with stock civ V at least. It was like the expansions added back all the complexity that bogged it down.Sounds interesting though, but I'm still afraid to touch it cause I know I'll lose days of my life to it.
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