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I did pick up a pretty wicked legendary off hand for my wizard...it adds two projectiles to magic missle. Basically makes it stronger than arcane orb for zero mana...nuts! Never seen an item that can modify a skill like that before.
I'm gonna try and get on late tonight (like 11pm est). Although I don't have a mic at the moment. Jumped into a high level torment IV game with my freshly 70 wizard and I was paragon level 15 within minutes. I tried jumping in torment VI games just to see how long I could last but everyone kept shouting me out. Also threw a imperial ruby on the first socketed weapon I could find for my lvl 15 crusader and hopped in a torment V solo adventure....I was level 30 something...
Lol I forgot about that external cable! How ridiculous was that?
Looks like I need your "battletag" to add you....it'd prob be something like Anomader#1124 or something.  Mine is Darius#1204.
Ya, I figured something isn't right. Any modern PC should barely be audible at the desktop. I even went as far as to slow down my CPU fan to like 200 rpm. I'd shut it off completely like the other fans if I could...the only fan I can really hear is the PSU, but I have zero control over it.
Even when it's idle?
I just want them to come out with some sort of 24-hour pass to all the content.  Buying song by song locked to one platform is ridiculous. 
Sit further away from screen, or buy the ps4 version.
 I'm still not quite sure what happened with them.  Their cards were competitive till the very end.  The voodoo 3 wasn't the best ever, but the nvidia riva TNT2 wasn't that much better.
 Sorry, nothing you can do to get rid of jaggies on a console.
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