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Pretty much everything made in the past few years has multichannel support. The most impressive are shooters though.
Man, talk about a story taken out of context.
It basically looks indistinguishable from the x1 version on a 30fps YouTube video. That's about what I expected though....I'm much more interested in seeing the real deal.
Hopefully just make software.The good news about this is even if Microsoft is successful...every windows PC is an install away from SteamOS as well. Competition is one thing when you've got competing hardware platforms, but when your customers can switch ecosystems with minimal effort, they're going to have to work a lot harder to keep you.
Same here (on PC). He actually tricked me once, I started shooting at him then stopped cause I thought he was just a grunt.
The games themselves aren't that different, it's just everything around it. The interface, the friends list, the network, etc. PC games are already visually superior to Xbox one games, and if that's the deciding factor for people, right now steam gets a cut and Microsoft is cut out. If they're serious about succeeding...prices will probably have to come down. Microsoft might not like it, but they're not the only game in town. They're the underdog on PC and console...
That's the beauty of what they're going for. Whatever you want, it can be done. All the way from a super powered tower down to a tiny little box, windows can run on it. The interface will be determined by your input method of choice, be that mouse/KB, touchscreen, controller or kinect. They're going to make it work not with one interface that's crappy for everything, but exactly the interface you need based on what you're doing.As far as how it's paid for, seems like...
Well that's the catch....I doubt it'll ever play discs. Too much potential for piracy and requires additional hardware that PCs wouldn't have anyway. Prior to the 180, it would have been possible, but that's off the table now. This is going to be for digital games only.You could definitely build something more powerful than the Xbox one for $500....if you didn't have to pay for windows. On the other hand, you wouldn't have to pay for XBL gold, so it evens out. One way they...
You're overthinking it. The big revelation last Friday was that the Xbox OS is windows 8 with a slightly different face. The Xbox interface is just a win 8 app....so everything will run just fine in "normal" windows. As for the games, those too will run just fine in windows as well, that's the whole point of dx12. They could compartmentalize them in a VM like they do on the X1, which could make it easier to manage the game suspension feature, but even that's probably not...
 To be fair, its a twitch stream....the stream quality is so ****** it makes youtube look like 4K bluray.
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