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Gary Merson offers up his takeaway from CES on Ultra-D.HD Guru: Trendspotting At CES 2014.He preferred Sharp's 8K demo but feels thatNot a ringing endorsement.
Wow, would like to see it with a black background. You would think this would be a priority as it would make a TV's picture standout better on the big box floor to have glossy contrast without the reflection of the overhead lights. It would likely grab a consumer's eye better than Quattron+ even if they didn't know why.
@wrxlvr: You'd need four 60-inch TVs stacked 2x2 to equal one 120" TV. @imagic: No wonder you thought you felt heat emanating out of the display.
Here's a Gary Merson article about NuShield... HD Guru: NuShield Solves a Glaring HDTV Problem Edit: Sorry, just realized that's been posted allready. Personally, between Vizio dropping 3D support and moth-eye a no-show, CES was disheartening this year.
Yes, but you'd have to go all the way back to CES 2013 for that. *cough* XVT *cough*
In order to compete with Vizio P series ($1,000 for 50", $1,400 for 55") I suspect they'll need to be sub $2,000 to stand a chance.
That said I do worry about how Ultra D parallax approach manages with fine close-up details like textures which can almost impart an tactile feel to things when using glasses.
70-80" Vizio R (or P) + Ultra D = {insert Fry "Shut up and Take My Money" meme here}
I had to deal with some really smudgy hand and mouth prints that were covering the screen. I used a micro fiber cloth half dampened with water. It took a number of passes using light pressure and alternating between the wet and dry parts of the cloth but that got rid of them.
So... not quite as matte as I had hoped.
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