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80% movies (100% Blu-Ray), 20% music (up to 7.1 192khz flac streams)
@ Ivan What do you think about baffle mounting the SH-50 right above my Studiothek screen? My experience is that the SH-50 are very depended on (proper) in room placement. Do you have experience with a baffle wall in context with your Synergy Horns? In theory it is always the best possible placement - I am just not quite sure how it interacts with your particular design.
btw I made it. I am on the Danley homepage ;-): http://www.danleysoundlabs.com/danleyport.asp?ID=53
I need more time! Let me just say - the SH50 is the most difficult speaker to get to "sound right" I have had. Frequency response is by far not so "smooth", flat as with the Genelecs and even the Seaton Cat's (which are DSP corrected). The SH50 sounds quite "rough" in comparison (just like their measured frequency response suggests...). The dynamic capabilities are (literally) to die for - as to be expected from this high sensitivity speaker in a medium sized room. They...
Thank you sir! I will try it at once.
I see - this makes a lot of sense. Thank you! And don't mind the nitpicking - I feel very confident that our English is way better than their German, Hungarian,... (insert any non-native language you like) will ever be ;-)
Would you please tell us what you mean by that? What makes you feel that the SH50 is kind of "tricky for classical music listening"? (I am not telling what I think about my SH50 yet ;-)
Thanks. They came with grill covers and a cloth. I have dual SVS PB-13 Ultras piano gloss. Waiting for Mark Seaton to release his 18" SubMersive XLs...It will be quite interesting to see what happens if you match the SH-50 with an accepted reference class amp like the JC-1 and one of the best DACs money can buy. I guess this hasn't been done all to often yet.
The SH-50 are waiting to be placed. The Parasound JC-1s have arrived and are burning in all day long. You also see my Genelecs 1037Cs (4 of which will be my surrounds together with the Danleys) and a Seaton Catalyst 12C (trying really hard to keep up with the Genelecs performance-wise ). A Prism Sound Orpheus is driving the setup. Not just the best DAC but the best piece of equipment in general I have ever owned.
Here we go... My weekend is ruined though - everything is in place but the custom Vovox cables will be here not before Monday... Enjoy
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