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I have ordered a set of 3 SH-50 for my new frontstage. Finish is black Walnut stain. I will be able to do side-by-side comparisons with my Genelec 1037Cs and Seaton Catalyst. (Actually I will use my Genelecs to complement the Danleys as surround speakers in a 7.1 setup) Exciting times lie ahead!
Thanks alot. I happen to have my own SH-50 thread over at Asylum. Tom Danley himself is giving me good input there. Ferenc is pretty much in the neighborhood (me being from Austria). His Asylum contact info is down. Could you provide me with his email per PM?! I would love to get in touch with him. Thanks again!
A thing of beauty! Thanks! Do you have any links to forums threads where Paul's writes about his experiences with them?
Thank you very much! Exactly what I am looking for. I see a SH-50 in my future... ;-)
My whole playback is HTPC based. I rip my Blurays via eac3to into MKVs (video stream untouched, lossless audio transcoded into flac). Playback is per J.River MC16. Lossless Audio streams get decoded as flacs->convolution via VST host->Firewire/ASIO->Prism Sound Orpheus as DAC/master clock->active studio monitors (Genelec, bought a Mark Seaton Catalyst for benchmarking).Videostream-> gets decoded by libavcodec/ VC-1 by WMV->video delay is applied at the decoder stage->...
You can opt for minimum delay filters if this is a requirement. I use a 385ms delay on the video stream to get perfect lip sync - so this is not an issue at all.
Ok, lets play the numbers game ;-) Mine is bigger than yours anyway...Filter generation in Audiolense is very flexible. Filterlength is just one of many parameters you can define freely (including very useful stuff like partial correction up to a definable upper freq.).A default filter in Audiolense is 65,536 taps. You are free to use up to 131,072 taps (might be useful at 192khz). This is per "processing channel" - not output channel. Let's say we go nuts and have a 4-way...
Well, they really are not ;-) E.g. Trinnov uses a Linux based "HTPC" system for their standalone solutions. Disadvantage: silent fan cooling. Everything else is hardly comparable to todays DSPs. But that's not the point. I am sure Dirac Live uses sufficient DSP resources to do its processing at decent precision.
But that's how internet communities work, isn't it? (and no disrespect again, but you yourself used to use that aspect quite bluntly) You are certainly right with your point you are making now. BUT... it is more about the believe to have a great or the "best" product than finding actual "evidence" that's important nowadays. And the internet certainly helps with that. You come here, see all the usual hyperbole about some selected products, absorb all that positive vibe, buy...
Hello Amir btw. It is very refreshing reading your smart comments free from any VC-1/HDDVD agenda ;-)
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