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I got a message on my TV-Guide on air today saying the service will be discontinued. Are there alternatives for OTA users? First, my barber retires, then my Doctor retires and now TV Guide retires. OH the humanity!
I wonder if ELLEN knows this, with Portia de Rossi being in Mockingbird Lane. Ellen is big and carried on channel 4. I do not think she would be happy!! The Channel 4 special can be carried anytime, who cares!
Sorry typo -- OTA. They are running some movies -- so it must be Bounce TV. Now showing 3:00 -- Gone Fishin'
What is happening with WXYZ channel 7.3 OTC? They are running a color bar and a schroll WXYZ 7.3 bounce.
Yea, all they have done is stretch the picture to fit. I don't like the flat head look and don't watch 38-1 anymore.
When WPXD ION tv comes to channel 50, does the CW programming go away?
It appears Universal Sports Channel 38.4 is off the air. I will miss it!
It would be nice if WXYZ 7.2 ota would broadcast the Michigan at Michigan State game carried on ESPN -- considering few will be watching the Toledo at Bowling Green game on 7.1.
I emailed Rovi to see what they know.
Got an email from WWJ engineering today. "The TV Guide encoders have been taken off line due to problems they are causing in the WWJ-TV transmission. We do not have a timetable for the return of the service. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused" Bad News -- I rely on the TVGOS. Worked well for over 3-years, wonder what has changed?
New Posts  All Forums: