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I hadn't noticed but intend to watch KJRH news tonight, thanks for the heads up.
Quoted for truth and I even own a lot of their stock. Perhaps they will convert to Blu-Ray in order to improve console sales. Is is even technically feasible?
We read the post, but it just doesn't seem plausible within current and past superboy/superman lore. Especially the part about him becoming "more" invulnerable as he ages due to increased exposure to the sun's rays. If this were true whrn he enters a red sun planet why does he lose his powers instantly, even as adult superman?
Yep, I bet Travis Meyer has visions of sugar plums dancing in his head. Don't know if I can stand both SD and his constant interruptions of the football games yet again.
the FCC isn't doing it any favors No merger likely for Sirius and XM
Yes but not due to any technical reason. KOTV is choosing (as they did yesterday) to ruin our HD experience by inserting their useless weather bug on an SD broadcast since they are unable to do so and also transmit in HD. Travis meyer is an evil weatherman.
KOTV does it again. Travis Meyer announced prior to the start of the AFC playoff game that they could not go to HD due to an FCC regulation. Does anyone here know to what regulation he was referring? FOX had no problem broadacsting in HD even though the weather is about the same now as it was earlier.
I saw this at the Vegas premier at the Aladdin. Sly was at the after party and I got to meet him and a few of the lesser "stars", that part was cool, the movie was only OK.
I lookk at it from a somewhat different perspective. If someone wants USA they get ESPN at no additional charge.
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