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I didn't catch the last scene till this afternoon. I'll still watch
I say Girls should move to Thursdays at 930 after 2 1/2 men or even better 1130pm (but go all out I would like to see profanity and nudity)
Ill still watch Four shows left before the season finale. Personally 800 is TOO EARLY 9 or 10 would be much better.
You said it was #1 TODAY! What's #1? Frozen soundtrack
for ONE week TWO months ago
I have an idea.Have an episode where Max meets her parents.Whitney Cummings could be the mother [[SPOILER]]
I have an RCA Blu Ray hooked up via Ethernet and have 75/35 with VUdu it is rock solid 1080P all the time. Netflix can go in and out from time to time. One time it looked like VHS EP!
Renewed for 2014-2015 season
In Boston WBZ (4,the CBS OnO) and WSBK (38, a My Network TV affiliate owned by CBS) are still subchannel free
STILL watching Hanna is well Hannah She's OK Shoshanna is a b word Marnie is a c word Jenna I wouldn't mind sleeping with
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