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I adapted to the FIOS DVR months and months ago, but now it's acting up and making me angry.I only pay $12.99 each per month for my four FIOS DVR's, and I'll still need to keep them. So I'll be adding on $12.99 per month for TIVO service, and $6.00 per month for cable cards. I'll have to buy the TIVO box and the broadband connector as well, because I don't have a telephone. So I'm looking at $300 for TIVO equipment and then $19 more on a monthly basis on top of my already...
Thanks. I considered going to TIVO, since I had previously had TIVO with my DirecTV service. However, I watch a lot of on demand stuff, which TIVO doesn't support. On top of that, there's the additional costs for the cable cards and the TIVO programming.
I'm so upset right now, so very upset. This DVR and the software is a gigantic piece of trash. - It misses recordings - I'm trying to tune a channel, and it says "Currently Unavailable" - It switches channels, but displays the previous channel on the front panel - If I cancel a recording, it STARTS RECORDING AGAIN. If I cancel it again, IT STARTS RECORDING AGAIN. - If I cancel a recording and change channels before it starts to record again, it pops up a box every...
I used black crushed panne instead of velvet and that was $3.00 a yard. Take a look at the panne before you decide that they have to be velvet.
I looked at that, but for less $100 more I ordered a Paragon 6oz machine. Just an FYI...
CostCo has a similar machine for $299 with free shipping.
We love our new Z2. I think you will, too.
It will never do any less than it does now. If you enjoy it, who cares? I just went from a Z1 to a Z2.
Oh, I didn't realize that! I already purchased a 6 oz Paragon machine so I'm not interested in the popper and cart, but I did think it was the same model. Thanks, it turns out the Costco machine is a Bond Helman.
$515?! Holy cow, thats way over-priced. You can get the it at Costco for $299 and that includes the shipping cost. See: http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product...pnav=&cat=&s=1
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