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Good to know there is another good on wall speaker - I believe we are going to stick with what we have for now and work around the size of the speakers - although anything coming out of Ann Arbor is suspect (MSU Grad) Next time I am back visiting perhaps Ill see if i can't stop in there and check them out
Thank you for that info - I was not asking for install or anything I already have something lined up in regards to that, I wanted to hear them (he didnt have them set up or broken in when i showed up and I called two days ahead of time and set an appointment) and I got a red flag when he said he only sells full retail price for all his stuff, which is nice if you can get that, I am in the Phoenix area and a lot of what he said didn't sound right to me - he had some crazy...
Very serious question, if I go into a car dealership I don't expect to pay sticker price either - and mistrust a dealer that says this is the only price he can sell the car for The exception here is that there are not a ton of dealers locally to choose from, he also said that Totem dealers were not able to sell speakers over the internet or through the mail without losing their rep status, again that sounded odd to me, which is why I am asking for clarification from other...
I went in to demo some Tribe 5's today and was discussing price and the dealer said that he sells them at retail only price, to which i laughed and walked out I have never heard of any speaker line / company selling for anywhere close to retail He gave me some song and dance about his overhead and the only way he can stay in business is to sell for retail prices, which is fine and good, if that is how he runs his business, but does Totem Accoustic's have such low mark up...
I am in the same boat for the tribe 3 and Tribe 5 pricing ? Does anyone know what they run roughly or could PM me - and are they per pair or per speaker?
They are going to mail me a swatch and they are sending the local rep a door so we can see the build quality, have also called them to ask questions, so far they have been great to work with
Has anyone listened to the two and could give a good comparison between the, I am looking for some on wall speakers that could go two channel with a sub (thinking SVS SB12-NSD) for now in a foyer / bar area, and also be something that I would want to use in the future in a different application - perhaps rear speakers in a surround set up - but they are mainly going to get 2 channel use for the next couple years I had though about a Sonos Play 5 pair and sub, but that is...
sony is going to upgrade me to a 160gb HD slim version for $99 - so that takes the cake, cannot beat that for the price and very close PQ
they offered the same deal upgrade to a 160gb refurbed for $99 - cannot beat that
Do the Shadow's take a lot of power to push or is there something uinque about the way they are made that makes them different than a normal speaker set up?
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