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Happy with my speed and provider. Very reliable.
Have you seen this? http://www.audioholics.com/soundbar-and-satellite-speaker-reviews/zvox-incredibase575-surround-bar-review
Your settings are wrong. I Play ps3 and Xbox 360 on my 6 yr old Panasonic plasma (768p) and they look pretty darn good!
What does the new receiver need that the Onkyo doesn't have? That will help weed out potential receivers.
Remove both one at a time and see what happens.
You are obviously running your speakers full range correct?
Was there an error msg on the front display when this happened?
At that volume setting there is no reason for concern!
Wow. Let the fun begin!
You got a bum receiver not worth repairing. Eat the loss and move on.
New Posts  All Forums: