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Anything made for television prior to about 2000 would have been framed with significant overscan in mind. It would be possible to create 16:9 masters by scanning to the edges of the frame width-wise, while cropping only a minimal amount off the top and bottom beyond the TV-safe line. I'm not suggesting this should be done, only that it could be done, without butchering the original framing.
He always did seem like a wanker.
I suppose those of you with constant height setups better hope that the vertical cinema movement never catches on: http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/18/5420662/if-portrait-video-is-wrong-these-artists-dont-want-to-be-right
The vast majority of post-production work is still done at 2K for time and cost factors - only a handful of new films are actually finished in 4K. There are 4K scans of older films being done for archival purposes, but that's mostly reserved for very popular titles and classics. Most scans are still 2K. And there's little benefit to scanning 35mm at anything higher than 4K. Really, only large format titles benefit from 8K scans.
The European releases of The Howling and Flash Gordon suffer from this, as well. As does the Canadian Oss 117 Rio Ne Repond Plus.
Have you seen the first film? There are impalings, exploding heads, melting faces, henchmen being chopped up by propellers, Indy casually murdering people, shooting guys in the head and running them over with a truck... I watched it again on a big screen recently and I'm still kind of amazed that it was rated PG. Temple of Doom is saddled with a dumb script, but the direction is dynamite. Look at the way Spielberg stages the action - the angles, camera movement and...
I saw the new 4K restoration a couple of weeks ago. The only change to the film is that the reflection of the cobra in the glass has been erased, as it was for the DVDs. The sound mix was new, as well.
Why are there two standards to begin with? And why 720 and 1080? Wouldn't it have made a lot more sense to choose 960i/p as the HD standard and leave it at that?
Why not? Because both versions are based on a book? Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a book first, as well, but the 1978 and subsequent versions are always referred to as remakes of the '56 film.The Thing was based on a short story, but the Carpenter version has always been called a remake of the Hawks film.
I don't see a 4K format coming anytime soon - it would be for a niche of a niche. Unless you're watching test patterns, it's hard enough to discern a difference between 4K and 2K on a 50' screen - for home theatre, it's complete overkill.
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