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If you just had someone install it then have them come back and look at it.
Only choice really is for you to go there. There are no dealers online.
FedEx delivered mine but didn't call first or should I say the woman for FedEx delivered mine right to the front door on her own and helped me carry it in the house up a flight of stairs. Man she was one strong lady put me to shame for sure.
I couldn't use my 2TB hard drive either and if I remember correctly it was because it was formatted in FAT32 and I would have had to change it to the other format in order to get to read through the 4311ci. (or reversed)
I would say it would be, give them a call and see it might be the fan failing.
When I had my system setup (before we moved) I found that my HSU VTF-15H complemented the Triton II's very nicely. The sound from sub picked right up where the Triton II's left off.
Just out of curiosity what do people think I could get for a pair of used but good as new Triton Two's? I absolutely love the speakers but just don't have the room to use them in our new place and I'm thinking we're going to be here for a couple of years.
Thanks for the information
Well considering I have over a 100MB of music on there the reformatting project will have to wait till another day. Thanks for the help/information.
You couldn't find a simpler way? It's NTFS. Is that not the standard now for larger hard drives? What are the 2-3-4tb hard drives in computer's, cable boxes formatted as?
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