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I just ordered a Panasonic 50PX75U. This will be my first plasma TV. Has anyone posted any info on how to best tweak the settings of this model. I searched the threads but could not find any. I found plenty of advice for last years models but none for the new line. Thanks, Brian
Can you view a program recorded in high def on a non high def tv? Wil in down convert?
I live in NJ and FIOS is now available to me. I am not a big fan of Comcast to say the least. I spoke to a Verizon rep and their service will save me about $25 a month if I use them for phone/internet and TV. Can someone who has used both services give me some honest feedback comparing the two. I have just read some posts about FIOS that left me concerned. Also is anyone using their home media product? Not sure if that is the correct name. thanks
New problem with my 6412. Several times now the box seems displays the current channel ok but that is it. Noting works on the remote or the front of the box - changing channels, menu, the Guide etc. I have to unplug the box to reset it. This just started about 7 days ago.
Yes I am sure. It happened again last night. I had series recordings set for Grey's Anatomy and Deal or No Deal. The guide showed Deal or No Deal starting at 8:25 thanks to W and the other show starting at 9. Grey's Anatomy actually started around 8:20. I cancelled the recording or Grey at 9 and then tuned to ABC where it was playing and hit the record button. I got a message that this recording would conflict with my Deal or No Deal recording. There was nothing recording...
Has anyone else had this problem. It has happened to me several times now. If I have say 3 recordings set for the same time on my 6412 one will not record. If I go in a tell the box not to record one of the shows that is scheduled and then tell it to record the show it was originally skipping then it ignores the changes I made. This has happened at least three times now with the most recent being last night. I checked my Sunday schedule on Saturday to make sure that the...
I saw several posts about people losing their center speaker sound. I did not see a solution. I have I believe a series 1 6412 and have connected my DVR via optical cable to my stereo. Even on the HD channels I do not get any center channel sound. The only option on my receiver is for stereo reception using only the left and right speakers.
No it always says REC. So either it is not switching to the 2nd tuner or it is recording on both tuners. If it was recording on both tuners though it would probably list twice in My DVR.
Hi all, I have recently noticed something on my 6412. It seems that some times when I record a show I can not switch to the 2nd tuner. Nothing happens when I hit the swap button. This only happens every now and then. Anyone else experience this?
Yes sorry it is plugged into the front jacks on the TV. Now I just discovered when I turn on everything it still does not work properly even if I did not hook up their GameCube. I still have to play a DVR recording for a second and then hit the Live button. Help!! Anyone have any ideas?
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