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OMG I have seen the light and the light is vibrating!!! Arrived tonight, dont have alot of time tonight but had to plug it in and sample a couple songs. It brought new life to all my speakers!!! Cudos on the way svs packages too, box showed up with a big hole in it but speaker was untouched. This weekend gonna have some fun!!!!!
Well, I will admit that the sound is a bit better with audysy enabled (wish I could spell that). However, the problem I ran into is DTS tracks etc were sounding a bit worse since they weren't using the eq settings all. I didn't like the idea of feeling that the big block buster movies didn't sound as good as others. So one day I turned it off and got used to it. Now DTS sounds better whenever I get to select it on a bluray. You can download the manual here if you want...
Let me re-phrase that. It states Acoustic EQ modes are not used with dolby true HD, dolby digital plus, or DTS HD. So it's the eq mode that I don't use. If that is turned off audyssy isn't really doing anything for me right?
Not on my Marantz 7002. According to the manual it does not use the audysey eq settings for bluray, only dvd. Since I no longer watch dvd I disabled it in the receiver. I figure if I do pop in a DVD some day I don't want the sound settings different from what I am used to.
I have a marantz receiver and Im upgrading my sub to an svs. Long ago I turned audyssy off because its not used anyways with bluray. Does audyssy do anything else thats important? I have a meter to set my levels by and speaker distance wont change. Im really happy with the current sound and am reluctant to run it again as i seem to get different results everytime anyways.
I work in a town 30 miles from where I live. FedEx shows my sub is in the town that I work right now, getting ready to head toward home. It's strange, I can feel it's presence. It's calling out to me saying "hey dude!". I think I saw a tear coming out of my old sub this morning when I left for work. If it wasn't 90lbs I' just go grab the thing, it's literally a couple blocks from me right now!
Well that was my concern. Glad i went the direction i did. Im sure those dual pbs must rock the place tho! Tomorrows my big day, hopefully fedex wont let me down. Might not get much time with it this weekend tho i stupidly volunteered to help pour a driveway!
Don't be scared of going to high. I originally put my screen where everyone is suggesting but later on down the road I figured out that center speakers suck and towers as a center are amazing! It took me years to figure this out because my screen was to low to fit a matching infinity beta tower under it. One day I decided to raise the screen so I could pull this off and improved the sound of my movies 1000%. In my case the entire front wall was sound treated around the...
HAHA I forgot about that scene! I listen to Howard every morning on my way to work. Hmm, I wonder what brand of sub that was anyways.
Little late to the party but the OP sounds like he/she likes the same movies I do so here's a couple. Some more famous than others. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Donnie Darko RAD (good luck finding this one tho) Boondock Saints Trainspotting Requiem for a Dream Basketball Diaries Wow after I type all these I realized theres a bit of a theme. Don't watch em with the kids!
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