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brutal news
what was the deal with the blue french horn again?
they split up mad men into " two" season, he might still have a shot in the final year... not against cranston...
I didnt realize netflix was releasing there shows that way...
just noticed redbox now offering house of cards as a rental... interesting...
thanks, we watched the first one.. looks like we have a lot of catching up to do!
just saw this pop up on netflix for first few seasons of viewing is this a show i can watch with my 15 year old daughter? whats the viewer ratings? thanks!!
I stopped watching this season, but was intrigued by the commerical, can someone tell me what happened exactly?
lame ending and why did the total go down to $1? i thought they landed $25k?
watched for the first time this season... couple of good singers.. but the show is very tired...
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