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At least Muse was awesome.
I lost all of my OTA channels this morning. They were all working fine last night, and this morning, nothing. This happen to anyone else, or is it just a problem on my end? I'm in Highlands Ranch, if that matters...
I think the simple answer is "Not soon enough."
All we saw was a blood splatter, no body. Are we sure DL is dead?
I did, I had to backup the DVR to show the wife, she missed it the first time. And I think the remark was a retort about him and House having their own language. He said "Next time I'll use visual aids." Quality!
I was there, but I have to admit, I think you guys were shouldering most of the load. It seemed like everytime I turned around I was dead Good times, though!
Add me to the list! A4Mode
Changed by Gamertag, just thought I'd update... A4Mode Halo 3, anyone?
McLaren FTW!!!
New Posts  All Forums: