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I am the OP! I tried to change it but no luck... The 2nd heading was changed though!
I had to buy 5 pairs...for me it was a case of which kid do I leave out? LOL!
I know this is slightly off topic but what are the top 10 3D blurays I should go out and pick up? I am looking for blurays which have outstanding 3d 'effects'.
Thanks Mike! Consider it done! David
I did not experience any ghosting/anomalies! Other than the very slight dimming of the image, there was not much distracting that took away the movie experience.
I finally watched a 3D movie last night. Got hold of a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean/ On Stranger Tides Being a relative newbie when it comes to 3D being my first 3D projector, I was quite impressed with the 3D effect. There were no issues with the picture quality once your eyes got used to the 3D effect. Haven't had much time to mess around with the display settings. I did notice the fan noise (projector is temporarily on a stand just behind my head) when the bulb...
The Pirates was a 2D movie. It's the 2D to 3D upconverting that I wanted to test.
Update: The emitter arrived today and I quickly did a 3d test. I did not experience the ghosting as described on the other tread. The 3D or I should say quasi 3D looks kinda cool but lacks the true 3D with the image popping out the screen effect. (as I expected) I watched Pirates of the Caribbean movie and saw the effect more on certain scenes. The colour settings were totally different though being dimmed compared to 2D. I played around quickly with the colour settings...
Canadian MSRP is $3699.99 but street price seems to be in the $3150 range. (I hope I am not breaking any forums rules by posting prices...) The Canadian dollar is down these few weeks so with the exchange being at 1.05 today makes it USD$3000 street price. We unfortunately have to pay 13% tax here which inflates the out the door price to USD$3400.
I will. However I am waiting for the 3D emitter to arrive tomorrow. Got the glasses but no emitter.... I did try the 2D to 3D mode and the image was predictably blurry in the 3D sense so I guess it does work. This feature alone prompted me to get the emitter plus the 5 pairs of 3D glasses which I need for my family which added a quite substantial over $750 (with tax) to the cost of the projector....
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