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Perhaps, because we pay more in Canada for our stuff, JVC gives us one additional year of warranty to ease the pain...LOL!
Perhaps this is a Canada only warranty? If you check out the first photo I posted in my original posting, you can clearly see a sticker showing the 3 year warranty!
Can I just change the title of the thread to 'owner's thread'?
I don't game unfortunately. My kids do...I'll ask them tonight! I do know that they were in heaven! Christmas came early for them this year! LOL!
They are identical except from what I understand the RS45 is sold through the professional division. ie installers etc. The RS45 has a gold ring around the lens surround whilst the X30 is silver... The warranty is 3 years on the X30 and only 2 on the RS45. Makes more sense to go for the one with the longer warranty!
Thanks! I don't know which version I have but it's an Anthem D2 from 3 years back. I somehow managed to get it to work finally. I think it was in the sequence you mentioned where the PJ was initially off.
Thanks! I ordered the emitter but will be getting it on Friday. Got 2 pairs of glasses though... I somehow managed to get the Anthem D2 to talk to the X30 finally. Just finished watching Training Day. @ NNate @SED I could detect slight 'jitter' on fast motion scenes. It wasn't distracting though. I have everything on default settings and the picture profile on 'film'. Will play with the settings more tomorrow..
more pics.. And what can I say about the picture? In one word: Stunning! Thanks for looking! David in Toronto
I just picked up my first 1080p projector after holding out all these years! Mind you I have had projectors since the 3 tube Sonys from back in the mid 90s... Then went through a bunch of Sharp, Epson and finally Sony but these projectors were prior to the HDMI input days. I want first to thank this board for helping make my decision whilst doing my research. On my list was the PT4000 or the PT7000 until I saw the X30 in action thanks to Dave Hao of...
Another esctatic Gallos Ref 3 owner here! Mine is paired to a Simaudio i5 LE amp (75W X 2) and the Gallo SA-3 sub amp. What a sweet detailed full sound! They make me want to just sit down and enjoy the music. I have had friends and audiophiles come over and hear them and they always walk away impressed!! David
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