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Thanks fuzzione for your response. Guess I am also going to go with the NEC. Gotta love this website!
Hey! Go large or go home! I have a 50" Sony Grand Wega in my bedroom! It was moved there temporarily when I picked 2 of them up and did not have the space ready for the second one and guess what? It never left the room! My wife loves it too. It replaced a 32" Panasonic Gaoo (remember those?). Viewing distance is about 9-10 feet.
fuzzione, Thanks for your review. Speaking about Costco, they now carry a very decent looking Daytek 42" plasma for $2399. How is the image compared to the NEC? I am in the video production biz and would prefer to see the NEC in operation before spending my $. David in GTA Here are the specs of the Daytek:- http://www.daytek.ca/vpm427w.html
Studio V4 are NOT out yet. Just confirmed with my contact. The regular range is V4. The reference range is still V3 though.
Quote: Originally posted by Audioholic How do these speakers handle being pushed? I would assume good amplification would help. . They play pretty loud with my Musical Fidelity A3.2 115W X 2 high current amp. The bass does not have that 'thump' in your chest feel of a sub though. I'm planning to get the matching Gallo sub amp when it comes out. It's supposed to bring the low frequency from 34hz down to 22hz. Alternatively, you can always...
I just sold my Paradigm Studio 80V2 and got the Gallo Ref 3s. Just also picked up a Musical Fidelity A3.2 amp to run them. What a sweet sound! Other than the bottom end which is not as 'full' compared to the Paradigms.(until I get the sub amp!) they are over all a more detailed speaker. I'm back at listening to music just for the sake of enjoying the 'sound'. Highly recommended!
I just picked up the Gallo Ref 3 speakers and boy do they sound sweet! This replaced a Paradigm Studio 80V2. I am now looking to upgrade the amp which is currently the Yamaha RXV 2095. This will be used for 2 channel music and TV viewing only. I'm looking to keep the budget under $1500 so I don't mind used. On my short list is the Musical Fidelity A300 or the A3.2. Which is better? Are there any others that I should consider? BTW, I may also be picking...
I would let my ears and wallet decide if they are a decent buy. Keep in mind for resale purposes in the future, these 'unknown' speakers may have to be almost given away....
Did it! Got the Gallo Ref 3 breaking in right now as I type. Sound is quite exquisite. Bass is not as deep as my ex Paradigm Studio 80V2 though. I must get the matching sub amp I guess.
I did it! Got a new pair of Gallo Ref 3s breaking in right now! They are actually quite small. I need to get the matching sub amp to get better bass. The sound is quite exquisite though.
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