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Mikey, I have yet another speaker to audition:- The Anthony Gallo Reference 3 Priced similar to the Studio 100V3. Anyone heard the 2 of the side by side yet? Decisions decisions... David
This is an interesting comparison for me too as I am about to make the same decision. I just sold a pair of Studio 80 V2 and was looking to upgrade to either the 60V3 or the 100V3. Now I have to go listen to the Gallos. How about the B&Ws? I heard the 804s against the Studio 100V3 and the sound was more laid back. How is the sound of the Gallos compared to the B&Ws?
Went from KEF Codas in 1980 to ADS L1080 in 1985 to Paradigm Studio 80 V2 to Studio 100 V2 to Signature S8 last year.
I'm about to spring for a set of Paradigm Studio 100 V3 having just sold my Studio 80 V2. Has anyone here done this move? Are the V3s a major improvement over the V2s? I may be considering going the used route and looking into some Martin Logans or B&W 804 or 803s alternatively. Is this the better decision? This is a stricty for 2 channel music and TV only. Currently running with a Yamaha RXV2095 but will be adding a Anthem MCA20 amp or a Bryston 3BSST...
Hi Kevin, It's in the works! I'm planning on adding either an Anthem MCA20 or a used Bryston 3B.... Another 2 possible speakers I am considering is the Sig S4 or a B&W 805.
Hi folks, I have upgradetitis fever again and thinking of upgrading my 3 year old Studio 80V2 to the new Studio 60 V3. This is paired with a Yamaha RX2095 for now. Has anyone done this move? Is there a big / much dfference in sound? This is strictly for 2 channel music onlywith some occasional TV viewing. I do have a complete Anthem D1/A5 and S8, C5, Sig Servo and ADPs to take care of the H/t side! As you can tell, I'm a Paradigm fan! However, I may consider...
I'm 99% close to making a desision on a 42" ED plasma. On my short list is the Panasonic 7UDY and the NEC VM5 with the LG in 3rd spot. I happened to stop by a Costco up here in Toronto and noticed a Daytek plasma selling for a very low price. 20% cheaper than the Pana & NEC. The picture quality very actually very decent on the DVD movie that they were playing. It was way better then the Akai HD 50" plasma and the smaller LCD panels on display. This throws...
Thanks LEVESQUE & Gear Guy. Yes, I finally did the upgrade. Still contemplating whether to go all the way to the P5 from the A5 or for not too much $ more add a second Sig Servo... What do you think? David
imagamejunky, Nice choice of pre/power amps! I'm fortunate to also have the same taste in audio. Just recently upgraded to the D1 and A5 combo. The speakers are the Signature S8, C5, Servo and ADP and let me tell you I am in audio heaven!
It has happened to me too! A one time friend was visiting me and I was showing off my then ADS 1080 speakers. Anyways, I came back from the kitchen with a couple of drinks and noticed immediately that one of the tweeters had been pushed in. I was so angry that I told him to leave immediately! What a loser. What thrill do people get from pushing tweeters and woofer caps in? Don't you ever notice that store display speakers at lower end retail stores usually have...
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