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Levesque, I'm also in audio nirvana!!! I'm find myself going down to the music room just to hear the setup every now an then, just like getting a fix! It's true that I may not hear an audible difference between the A5 and P5 but what the heck, I'm going for it. My room is not as sound proofed as yours but being in the basement, it's very quiet down there. Have you gotten your Sig Servos yet? __________________
Thanks Jon, The upgrade from the MCA5 to the A5 was for 2 reasons. 1) Cosmetic. 2) Sold the MCA5 together with the AVM20. The S8s are set to small on my setup, that's why I initially felt that the A5 was sufficient power wise. It is still actually sufficient because after watching a movie last night at moderately loud volumes, the A5 got barely warm. The upgrade to the P5 is so that I can get perhaps that last 3% in sound quality and the last 5% in...
video_bit_bucket Thanks for you reply. Looks like I am going to do it. You only live once right!
Any Anthem users here?
Hi folks, Finally bit the bullet this week and upgraded my whole h/t system. Went from an Anthem AVM20v2/MCA-5 to the Statement D1 and A5 combo. Speakers went from a Studio 100V2, studio CC, ADP and Servo 15 to the S8, C5 and Sig Servo all in the stunning birds eye maple. Wow! What a difference! My questions here is should I have gone with the P5 amp instead of the A5? My listening ratio is 80% h/t 20% music. Is it worth the difference in price? More...
Corybrz Nice combination of speakers and amps! Another vote for the Servo 15 here. With the higher power amp of the Signature Servo put into the Servo 15v2, I cannot envision anyone wanting more power! The price is right too.
Hi guys! Guess what I just picked up today? Yes! The awesome D1 coupled to the A5. Also picked up the Paradigm S8 to complete the setup. (already have the C5, ADp and the Sig Servo.) Can't wait to do the install!! Shall I spring the extra for the P5 amp? Is it worth the difference? Or will I hear the difference? Boy isn't spending money a pleasure? It's a different high compared to sex....
Need advice on which is better (or other makes that I should consider in that price range) for my needs. This will be paired to the Anthem D1 (so I'm leaning toward the P5.) However before spending the $, I wanted to see what my other options are. Sound quality is of course important. The setup will be running the ultimate Paradigm setup, the S8, C5, ADPs and the Sig Servo. Listening will be 90% h/t Thanks in advance for all suggestions.
I have Studio 100V2 running on the Anthem AVM20 and the MCA-5 amp (200W X 5). More then enough power because I'm running the mains as small speakers only. I have the Paradigm Signature Servo to fill in the lower end.
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