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On WNBC-DT FiOS the audio of Chicago at St. Louis is stereo. Does anyone know if the game is being mixed for DD 5.1 and if yes why NBC does not have DD 5.1 audio? I thought only the NBC Sports Network was not capable of broadcasting live events in DD 5.1?
My only complaint with NBC's coverage is airing curling delayed on NBCSN at 3am ET when they could show it live at 12am ET. Today they also had curling not live on MSNBC at 10am ET.
On FIOS you are automatically logged into nbcolympics.com when you access any of the live feeds. The flash player is much better than the YouTube player.It would be nice if in full screen the video was full screen.
NBC added a link to the live feed of NBCSN's coverage for the web version of Live Extra. http://stream.nbcolympics.com/generic/13733/
Considering that NBCs coverage is all recorded events it gives them more time to plan out the filler segments during their coverage. As other said it's nice that NBCSN is doing most commercials around the down time in the events so you are not missing much when they do go to commercials.
Yes the logos for the NBC cable channels are placed for 16:9. All event graphics however are placed for 4:3.
Figure skating: Team event (men's FP, ladies' FP, ice FP) is live on NBCSN however the Live Extra event feed is the national english feed with two Australians commentating. On the iOS app there is access to NBCSN's live coverage. There is no NBCSN bug on the top right. Unless I'm missing it NBC Sports is not providing a link to the NBCSN live feed on the web version of Live Extra. http://www.nbcolympics.com/olympics-live-extra-schedule Nice to have DD 5.1 on NBCSN if...
Checking the live coverage online, Speed skating: Women's 3000m was using the international English feed with a British commentator not NBC's announcers. The women's hockey game coverage is from MSNBC. http://www.nbcolympics.com/olympics-live-extra-schedule I just find it funny that NBC is still formatting graphics for the outdated 4:3. Does anyone know if the international english feeds have the option of selecting a feed with 16:9 or 4:3 placement for graphics?
NBC still wont format Olympics graphics for 16:9. SD video is full screen and the NBC bug is placed for 4:3.
Agree that the PQ on 31.1 is even more awful since the addition of extra SD sub channels. It's amazing how good a direct feed with no sub channels can be as WLNY-DT has amazing PQ on FiOS. From NJ about 25mi from the ESB using a powered HDTV indoor antenna I did a rescan of channels. The TV now regularly finds WABC-DT. I still can't pull in a signal from WPIX-DT or WNET-DT. I noticed WNJU dropped 47.3 Soi TV.
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