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Looks like they're taking orders now! I guessed on the URL: http://www.channelmasterstore.com/product_p/cm-7500.htm $249.99. It's unclear if this is the model that includes the HD or not.
Uhh...what? You're saying you can't use the wired connection but you can use the wired connection?
The MSRP on the 2311 jumped $100 from the 2310. Jerks!
I was at Costco the other day looking at the UN55C6400. Here's some helpful info. The in-store units at Costco were all S panels. A friend just ordered from Costco.com, and a C panel arrived. I can't tell the difference.
I remember reading earlier in the thread about people getting strange sparkly artifacts when using a PS3 at 1080p with a 2310/890. I just wanted to chime in and say that I bought a PS3 slim yesterday and haven't encountered that at all with with my 890. I'm running HDMI from the PS3 to the receiver, and HDMI from the receiver to the TV. 1080p is flawless on my 50" Panasonic plasma. The cables used are the cheapest of the cheap 6-footers from Monoprice.
Yes, it's called the Harmony 900.
Is there any way to make the volume control more sensitive? Can I somehow make it change, say 1 db at a time instead of 0.5? I feel like I have to hold down the volume button a little too long to start hearing results. Is there anything I can tweak in my Harmony settings to accomplish the same thing?
My 890 pops too. It does this with my Dish Network VIP722 (HDMI all the way through to the TV). The pops only occur for a half-second and they happen when the source material switches audio modes - like when a Dolby Digital show switches to a stereo/ProLogic commercial. I think this might just be normal behavior of the receiver, based on how many people have been reporting it. Either that or it's the second bug I've come across in the non-upgradeable 890.
I set up my 890 over the weekend and it's pretty awesome. I love the new menus - the way they fade in and out is a nice touch too. It's a huge step up from the ancient blocky text from my old 2307CI. I can now finally use my Xbox 360 in 1080p over component cables thanks to the HDMI conversion. My old 2307CI didn't perform the passthrough to HDMI for whatever reason. I think I found a small bug in the firmware, believe it or not. When you toggle Audyssey Volume on or...
I had the same problem. I believe it's because analog inputs are un-assignable. The solution for me was to plug the Wii video into component port 1 ("DVD") and audio into the analog "DVD" input directly below it. If you prefer to have your Wii in component input #2, put its audio into the analog "DVR" port.
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