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Put it on EBAY...you'll get more than $50
What screen is everyone using for this projector? I have a completely light controlled room with no windows.
I heard the Triads at a friend's theater and they sounded great although the fronts were in room not in wall. I like the Niles AT as well although I have not found a place to hear them side by side with the Triads. I have yet to hear the Boston Acoustics...and now I'll be looking to check out the Harmonys as well. Thanks
Would appreciate some help on configuring my 7.1 system all in-wall. Am personally leaning towards Triad Silver LCRs, Surrounds and Sub. Dealer is suggesting Niles AT series or Boston Acoustics. Will most likely drive them with Pioneer Elite 59. Room is 12 1/2 by 22 1/2. Thanks
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