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Wow, this seriously looked like a ton of fun. I am from Altoona and wish I could have been able to come. I hope you decide to do another one soon! I would love to be a part of this!
Excellent info! Thanks! I will order one of those and give it a shot! Did not know about the power passing splitters. Mine are at least 4 years old so im not sure if they pass power or not, im pretty sure i got them at either Radioshack or Lowes back then.
How would that work for how I currently have it setup?  
I was looking at that, or at least the un-amplified version of it since A: i don't have power in my attic, its more of a small crawl space and B: I do have a powered amplifier in the basement that I got from Wal-Mart. I was also considering the HD7010/7015 since its less cost at only $39.99. I would have to put it together in my attic which would be kind of a pain but hopefully it will fit around joists, I dunno yet.
I live in Altoona and am looking for an antenna that will pick up ABC ch 5.1, this seems to fall in the low-band VHF spectrum and I cant seem to find an antenna that will work for this. Any recommendations? I should add that this should be able to fit into an attic. Thanks.
Updates: New Subwoofer! Rythmik FV15
So this buzzing started happening a few weeks ago on my MFW-15, Ive never really pushed the sub hard enough to bottom out being its sitting right next to me, but it seems to be in this current state at the moment, (it seems like it started after I chose to put the power switch at auto to try to save power, but i quickly realized that didn't save but a few watts and I noticed I started to get some sounds coming from the sub similar to these but slightly different, so I put...
Upon further reassessment I wouldn't be able to justify the dual empires (someday )with the shipping cost, so basically the option for me would be turbo or a7s-450 and i don't think i could go wrong with either choice. Or take the cheaper suggestion and just replace my amp. So when the time comes now I'll have a better idea of were to go! If money gets tight I'll probably just do a new amp else probably the turbo. All things considered I will be building a new pc...
Thanks pbc, i will take that into consideration as well, admittedly Id like the excuse to get something better than what i currently have, but the system has been audyssey pro calibrated already and i would need to do it again if i got something new, and i would also like to build a new pc this year with 3 dell u2711 LCDs. I'm not made of money but I did have plans...
Well for right now id like to stick around the $1000 mark, at this point i can't quite justify a submersive as much as id like one, let alone two. If i get anything other than a turbo I could sell my MFW and recoup a little cost. Yes I was wondering for my room would it be better to go duals to get better sound quality/bass distribution like dual empires for instance since they are only $1499, or another brand in duals, it just seemed to me like the best bargain for...
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