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Ken, Looks great. Lots of detail everywhere you look. Nice job. Did you tell the couple getting married you filmed in 4K?
That first video I posted I used major color correction tools in post. Here are a few shots without the color monkey doing his thing.....along with a repeat shot with the color changes.
Billy, Can you control the zoom speed with the rocker switch?
And also just a "bit" smaller in price.
Its a long way from So. California Cliff. Wish I could stop in and have a look. Its the end of an era...... What are you going for next ?
Gene, I meant to reply to this post but never got around to it.I think its pretty cool that you started way back with 8mm and progressed along as things changed. And the fact that you are 81 and still involved with filming is even cooler. I am 51 and can't believe how fast time has flown by. So thirty years ago you were my age and I was 21. Do that again and I"m your age now. You'll be 111 then telling us about your 16k camera shoots. Lets count on it.Yes it is...
It will be a bummer if it is the $4k price, we will find out soon.
I agree with you Ken. Sony will sell a ton of them if they can be around that $2000 dollar price point.
Ken, that was pretty cool that you filmed Robert in 4k since he has been around a long time supporting AVS members.
Well its been another year as this month marks 8 years since HD DVD hit the ground running. I cannot believe how fast time is going. We are going to be old men (and women) at this rate.
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