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576p, or 576i (I can't remember if the 3930 supports interlaced SD output), would be the optimal output from your player to EDGE.
PAL NTSC conversion is available with Game Mode and does not hinder game play.
Initial shipments of EDGE are scheduled to start next week.
We have turned this option off on EDGE due to some sources outputting a unreliable signal.
If the HDMI audio/video output is selected then the HDMI audio only output is muted and if the HDMI audio only is selected then the HDMI audio/video output is muted. This is done so that an incompatible audio format is not sent to a display, like Dolby TrueHD, or so that an AV Receiver does not receive a "dumbed down" audio signal that is compatible with the display.
The name of this feature is 'Display Profiles' and it is available on the VP30, VP50 and VP50PRO. Specifically it is the ability to set up multiple Display Profiles (output resolution/framerate/several other output controls) and have the unit automatically switch the Display Profile based on the selected input and the input resolution/framerate.
Like the VP50PRO, EDGE automatically puts a delay on the audio so that it is in sync with the processed video. The delay that EDGE puts on the audio signal CAN be removed so that the audio is passing through EDGE with no delay. This is user adjustable in 1 millisecond increments.
Here it is
As Chuck stated, there is an IR eye on the front of EDGE, near the front panel HDMI input as well as an real panel IR input on EDGE for existing RF-to-IR or IR repeater systems. The Status LED is at the bottom of the front right.
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