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That is the format it is supposed to show up as on an analog feed. NBC is sending 4:3 center cut as the AFD code for all sports programming. News also gets the 4:3 center cut code. The only thing they send the letterbox code for is entertainment programming and commercials.
NBC does send AFD to the affiliates but even when passed through by the affiliate not all cable/satellite providers have AFD active on their equipment for generating the SD feed. Of course the AFD sent for news and sporting events is center cut anyway and shot to protect the 4x3 area of the screen. They haven't chosen to move to letterbox for sports yet like Fox is already doing. Prime time dramas and comedy shows are typically marked as Letterbox via AFD.
The Friday show is the same basic show that ran on Tuesday of that week but kind of an extended remix version with a little of VH1's "Pop Up Video" thrown in. They throw in some extra footage that wasn't in the Tuesday show and the occasional Twitter comments from viewers appear on the screen. Thus the "Social Reload" name.
Along with Dingell sending that message to the FCC he introduced a bill that allowed for protections for broadcasters. Apparently no protections are mentioned in the incentive auction language that was included in the Jobs Act the President proposed. From http://www.tvtechnology.com/article/124530 Little Off-Air TV Protection Offered in American Jobs Act by Doug Lung, 09.16.2011 Visit www.WhiteHouse.gov, skipping the sign-up page, and you'll find videos and...
Yep. Looks like this one has been done twice in the past. Episode 16 and revisited in Episode 46.http://mythbustersresults.com/episode16 The President must not watch all of the many repeats Discovery shows.
That is because NBC has been doing that for years. There have been discussions of this practice in the past. NBC leaves has the 5.1 flag on during all of their programs even if they are just stereo. On stereo programs that means you hear the audio only on the Front Left and Right and all the other channels are silent. I thought the move to the new MPEG4 satellite distribution system was supposed to fix that but it doesn't appear that it has.
The ticker is a locally generated thing designed around the graphics package. Not all stations choose to do it.
Actually 11:34:34 pm. The official start time is at 11:34:30 in New York but there is 4 seconds of delay in the encoding/satellite system so at the stations we see the start of the show at 11:34:34 pm. Doubt anyone would actually print it that way though.
Thanks for the update, Wendel.
NBC network content still is always flagged as 5.1 even when the content is only L/R stereo. I thought last year the weekly regular season games were usually just stereo and they didn't start doing 5.1 until either the playoffs or the Stanley Cup games. Not sure if their audio plans have changed this season.
New Posts  All Forums: