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If they had put these on sale before the announcement that they were revamping MCACC, I might have gone and bought the SC79, since these are great prices. Saw these great prices in Magnolia yesterday. Now that I know, I think I will hold out since the changes this year seem the most significant since they went to Class D amps.
After reading your insightful comments, I think i will go for either the 1K or 2K amp. This will give me more flexibility in the long run as far has having two different subs, especially now that you have made it attractive with different amps to choose from.My finish choice will probably determine which amp I will choose as i want to stay within budget, have enough headroom for dynamics yet have a finish that keeps up with my Velo's. Going from the Velo's to the black...
One more question. How does the Black Textured finish look compared to the Black Maple or Black Oak finishes on the Seaton subs?
For a while I will have nothing for calibration except my trusty Radio Shack meter. I want to wait until the new crop of 2014 receivers comes out and I will see what I like. So far i like the Yamaha 3030, but it seems like YPAO right now is just so so with EQing subs. The new Pioneer Elites will have a new sub EQ and course the Denons, Marantz and Onkyo receivers will have Audyssey, with some having XT32.
Thanks for your help on this. Having my pair of DD18's has spoiled me and I now realize I have to use external methods to get both subs calibrated. I think I will just either go for a pair of 1K or the 2K HP amps.
Unfortunately right now, my receiver Pioneer Elite SC-07 does not EQ the sub. But my future receiver, which I will buy soon should have a Sub EQ, as will just about all top of the line receivers by year end. So i will hold off buying any other calibration tools until I get a new receiver. As far as getting either a Master/Slave combo or two subs with 1K amps, I am still a little up in the air. The price difference between the master/slave combo and getting two used HP 2K...
Yes, they will be equidistant from the main location, though one will be in the corner and one in the open.One question which may be a little newbie, but I am coming from owning DD18's, with their own calibration system......Once you analyze with a system like Omnimic or REW how do you actually calibrate your subs and have them remain calibrated?
I am up in the air about what I should get. I only have one place to put each of my two subs, a corner on one side of my main speaker and out in the open on the other side next to my left speaker. I have 2 DD18's now and can EQ them separately, but with Seatons I am wondering what is best for my situation. Should I get 2 HP's with 1K amps or an HP+ master/slave combo?
Thanks for that good assessment. Many of those subs you mentioned I have owned. I have heard the Fathoms and they are great and I love JL subs. The closest i get to DIY is in car audio, where believe it or not I have a..............JL 12W7 in a custom box. I think it strikes the best balance of SQ and output among the 7 or 8 subs I have tried in my car. It's just that in their Fathom line the output vs value ratio sucks. I think the SQ is there but other companies like...
Well what changed is that I measured and found that if I place them a certain way they would fit behind my main speakers. Also, I read that there is the ability to slave off the original sub. This along with being able to buy the used 1,000 watt amps makes the idea of having two Submersives a lot cheaper that buying two full on HP+ subs. With Fathoms I have to buy two subs at full pop, used or not that's no joke.
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