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Thank you guys.
I play all of my DVD-A music on my PS3 and it shows Multi channel in on my Denon 4308. LINK to my favorite DVD-A. I have this connected via HDMI and it sounds amazing. I have acquired quite the collection and if there was a product like the BDP-105 that would make it even better than I want to order one.
I am about to ask a serous question about the BDP-105 so please do not flame me. I am really considering the purchase of the unit this weekend and want to know if I will hear much more detail when playing my DVD-A than say my PS-3? Am I paying more to have the features and the benefits or is there a sonic difference you can hear? Be gentle. I am really excited to try out the headphone amp option too and have not been able to find much info on it vs a standard headphone...
Thank you for reminding me about that option. Its the first time I have ever felt the need to block.
I would suggest getting one or two pieces at a time that you can afford and adding to your system. You cant go wrong with either the 2313 or the X-3000 so just write down the features you want and need. The hard part is not know what you need or deciding later you wish you would have got the other one with some of the features you now could not live without. When I bought my 4308 back in 2007 I never knew I would every use the two triggers on the back of my unit that power...
+1 Very good choice for the money.
Are most of you with the Oppo BDP-105 using the 8801 or the Oppo BDP-105 and just passing it through the 8801? Just wondering about the 3D content and how it works since I am new to the 3D world and just want to make sure I get the nest picture.
Diminishing returns, it defines our hobby.
Pioneer Elite SC65 does not use Audyssey, they use their own proprietary MCACC
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