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I like the 4250 but man that Marantz 8801 is a pretty sweat set up if you just need a pre amp.
It was always my understanding at a very basic level that DTS was better when all of the speakers are the same or close in size and DD is better when you have say towers in front and a smaller surround speaker in the rear?
I am also going to suggest getting the CC-690 and they will pair very well with either the Studio 60s or 100s if you decide to go that route. Are you listening to more music or movies and what is the size of the room? In most cases your SVS SB-1000 should be fine for music but if you have a big room and like bass in your movies get the PB-13 Ultra and call it a day. You will be happy you did it right on the front end. I see many people go back and take a loss on equipment...
You guys are killing me. I guess I really needed to read your post, and will order one over the weekend.
How much was the 105 with mods?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but have retail prices for the 105 been released?
Just ordered thanks. Your web confirmation number is: 255290
It looks like most in this thread are looking to upgrade from their 4308 including me...
I am going to be using my next unit as a pre amp only so I am really wondering if the 4520 is the way to go or not? The marantz 880X is also in the running for my audio dollars this year.
If you have a tuned system then 0 db or reference is always a good place to be...
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